Medicare supplement plans help downsizing Original Medicare cost burden

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Part A and B Medicare costs

The health coverage of Original Medicare is applicable from the time you turn 65. This is the time you are regarded to be eligible or you can buy the Medicare supplement plans if you are eligible due to disability, besides you must have Part A and B Medicare providing hospital insurance and the medical insurance is through Part B that offers the cover for doctor visits and other services that are termed as preventive services that work as precaution. They are vaccinations, certain screenings and durable medical equipment.


Part A comes features annual deductible, besides the coinsurance and copayments as services for some inpatients. Part B Medicare also has the monthly premium to be paid and it includes annual deductible, besides the coinsurance and copayments.  Medicare Supplement plans are known as MediSupp and prominently as Medigap. This is one of the insurances that assist in downsizing the cost burden of Original Medicare.


Medicare Supplement Plans advantages

  • Bill protection. If you need to buy regularly medical supplies and they are expensive, but are Medicare-covered. In Part B Medicare, nearly 80 percent of the medicine total costs are taken care of, while the 20 percent is your responsibility of the bill to pay. You must reach Part B Medicare yearly so that it is deductible before Medicare pays and this amount of deductible is anticipated to change with each year. However, if you have Medicare supplement plans protection, the 20 percent extra will be out of your pocket as partly covered. In fact, there are Medicare supplement plans that offer complete cover.
  • Enjoy Outside the U.S. Having Medigap insurance policy assures you enjoy going outside the U.S as a vacation and even during your stay in the vacation if there is some sudden illness or accident, it will be taken care of. You need not worry to spend from your pocket. The Medicare supplement plans will cover your medical charges.


There are several valid reasons for having the Medicare supplement insurance as it definitely offers an advantage. You can find Medigap policy that suits your needs and discuss the coverage options so that it works for you. You may also consider exploring the options or contact some licensed agent.